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Extra Competitions

Ace Run Competition

At the completion of round 1 we will head back to hole 18 for an Ace Run competition.

Players can register for the event on the day. Names will be called at random and players will be given 3 consecutive shots to get an ace.

Multiple aces will result in the lucky players facing off in a CTP on the same hole.

Up for grabs is a voucher from the 'Ville.


Putting Competition

Prior to round 2 there will be a putting competition held on the grassed area near Event Central.

Register from 2pm and participants will be randomly called to putt starting at 5m and moving backwards. Bring your A-game though as if you miss, you're out!

Prize for the putting comp will be a Beaver Ranch mini signed by:

  • Simon Lizotte

  • Jennifer Allen

  • Sarah Kokom

  • Kyle Klein

  • Aaron Gossage


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