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Disc Golf: The Basics

The object of disc golf is to complete all holes with the least number of throws. Each course is made up of holes, Harris Crossing has 18 holes. 

On each hole, players start by throwing from the tee which is marked by the concrete rectangle. At Harris Crossing the tee also includes the decorative pebble border. 

Once you have thrown your tee shot, your next throw is from where your disc lands. You may mark your disc with a marker on the front of the disc closer to the basket. You may then pickup that disc and throw it or select another disc to throw. When releasing your throw, your lead foot must be behind the marker in an area roughly the size of an A4 sheet of paper.

Continue to throw and move until you complete the hole by getting your disc in the basket. Each throw adds to your score.

Notes on the basket:

  • Discs landing in the basket are in.

  • Discs caught in the chains are in.

  • Landing on top of the basket (above the chains) is not in.

Don't forget to have fun! Trees, water and other obstacles are meant to make it challenging so enjoy being in nature while striving to do your best.

See below for a 5-minute video on the rules and links to the full rule book and scoring apps.

Scoring Apps & Websites

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